White Casablanca


White Casablanca appears similar to a frozen lake, its crystal white lines flowing in several directions throughout the black speckled stone. This wispy white stone is popular for its neutral colors and beautiful shattered pattern.

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The surface of frozen lakes are like panes of glass that have been shattered, but unbroken. They show interwoven likes of pure white that run throughout, giving texture and expression to the icy and crystal nature. The clearest and deepest parts of the frozen lake shine right through to expose the dark blackness of the lake below. Such is White Casablanca, lines of white sweep the stone in several directions creating and icy pattern. Those strands pass through a fine grey that is characterized by clusters of black and intermittent light burgundy dots.

Because of the light color palette of this stone there are multiple creative ways to use this stone. It is popular to use this stone with a grey or black base in kitchens.


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