White Cloud


White Cloud is a rare slab of all white and crystal with a soft wispiness that is unlike any other stone. The reflective quality of this slab makes it a great choice for small or darker spaces, as it will brighten and enlarge any space.

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White Cloud is a truly unique marble slab. It is very rare to get a slab that is entirely white. Its identifying characteristics and pattern being created by the mix of white and crystal act as a watermark in this stone. This beautiful stone shows a wispiness similar to the clouds that float dreamily over our heads. This pure white stone seems to hold an almost reflective quality, as if harnessing the sun’s rays and outputting that light. This feature makes this stone an optimal choice for brightening up any space.

The crystal and pure white surface of this stone combine with a wispiness that is reminiscent of soft clouds full of sunlight. These qualities make this stone a great option for small or dark spaces, as it will capture available light and make the space look brighter and larger.


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