White Fantasy


White Fantasy is a clear representation of the mixture between the different types of fantasies, the dark wisps mix in with the pure white base, forming a grey overtone that is marked by flecks of black. This dreamy stone is sure to make all of your fantasies come to life.

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Fantasies are associated with magic, mystery, and imagination. They carry wisps of black that collides in a world of white, darkening the scene. White Fantasy captures the innocence and dream like quality of a pure white fantasy with its intrinsically white base that is characterized by the dark streaks that run fluidly through the middle and stirs. Making it a one of interesting contrast and mysterious liquidity that is so rarely found in many stones that also possess flecks of black throughout.

Because this stone has so much movement, it is often chose for rooms that are long, such as a galley kitchen or similar style bath, sometimes chosen for use only for a kitchen island that accents the rest of the space. No matter what this stone is chosen for, it is sure to make your fantasies a reality.


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