White Perla


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White Perla Quartzite is a clean slate you need for your kitchen counters. Almost flawless, this super durable quartzite shows uniformity throughout.

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When you first see the White Perla Quartzite, you’ll be taken aback by its serenity and subtle beauty. This white stone is rushed by the appearance of ocean tides that flood the slab, just as the tides that wash the shells that produce such treasures as pearls. Pearls are notoriously rare and are often given as romantic gestures as a tribute to rare beauty, character, something admired. The wispy surface of White Perla is a combination of a pure white and creamy hue. As the colors flow together they form this blended pattern, as if the two tones are trying to combine, but are instead just gathering in swirls across the base. On the Mohs scale of hardness, from 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest, granite measures in at around 6-6.5, and quartzite measures in at approximately 7.

This creamy stone will compliment any design but would look particularly stunning on a black base that will allow the color and pattern to stand out without any other color interruption.


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