White Treasure


White Treasure, with its black and grey crystals, spread across a white base, merge in a collection of tiny shards of color- forming thick and striking diagonal lines across the slab. These classic colors are given more life with a bold pattern.

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White Treasure is truly a gem. Its black and grey crystals spread across a white surface in thick clusters of diagonal lines, giving the stone an impressive pattern and movement. Even though the surface is white, the thousands of both small and large shards of dark crystals give the stone a darker overtone. Making this slab a bit more versatile and edgy. Its bold pattern is perfect for a bold design.
If you’re one to indulge in bold designs then play up the pattern of this stone by putting it on a dark base where the flecks will become more apparent. If you’d like to soften the look of the stone place it on a white base.


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