3 Ways To Save Money on Granite Countertops in Denver, CO

Have you ever heard that “Granite countertops are too expensive”? Before you continue reading, know that that’s not necessarily the case.

Granite countertops can be surprisingly affordable! Don’t believe it? Well here are 3 ways on how you can save money on granite countertops in Denver, CO:


1) Look for True Wholesalers

The best part about wholesalers is that you’ll get the most material for the best price. Not only that, but here at Granite Liquidators, we carry one of the largest and most diverse selections of both material type and color in Denver, CO. We carry over 70 colors or more at any given time, all ranging from granite, marble to even quartzite.

White Macaubas Quartzite Granite Countertops Granite Liquidators

Our customer’s recent install of White Macaubas Quartzite

Plus, by purchasing your materials through a wholesaler you might not use the entire slab you purchase. While you may think this is a negative, it’s actually a positive. When you have extra material after your project is installed, rather than it going into the fabricators pocket, you’ll have the deciding rights to what happens to the slab.

You could resell them, as remnant sized pieces of granite are very popular, to either fabricators or other homeowners. You could install them elsewhere in your home or any other application you can think of!


2) Cutting out the Middle Man

By finding a supplier who will cut out the middle man, like Granite Liquidators, you’ll save money, time and perhaps even some of your sanity.

At Granite Liquidators we directly import our materials from all over the globe and sell them to both the public and contractors alike.

Less stops the slab has to make from the quarry to your home means less money out of pocket! So if you’re really trying to cut back on the cost of your project, look to wholesalers who cut out all the unnecessary stops and get rid of all the unneeded bells and whistles that just over complicate this process. Granite Liquidators is here to make your project as easy as possible!

golden crystal granite countertops installed

Example of Golden Crystal granite installed paired with Mint Sandstone Veneer by Kayla


3) Avoid the Double Mark Up

If you’re looking to save money on your countertops, then look to wholesale suppliers who will sell entire slabs directly to the public. The reason to look for a wholesaler, especially when you’re trying to save money, is that in almost every case these suppliers will not reveal a price for their product.

The supplier will tell you the price is up to the fabricator because the fabricator will essentially double bid your project. Essentially, the fabricator will mark up your product again after the mark up the supplier provided because they’ll want to make as much money off your project as possible.

Granite Countertops

That’s where the benefit of a true, public direct wholesaler comes in – like Granite Liquidators. When you purchase from these suppliers you’ll receive two separate bids: one for your product and then another for your labor. This will ensure that no extra charges will be added to your material.

Plus, Granite Liquidators has all slabs on their website listed with their price so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and how much it will cost you.