Choosing to replace outdated counters with natural stone like granite, marble or quartzite is perhaps one of the best investments a homeowner can make.

Tile and laminate surfaces just aren’t trending anymore. With such a huge focus and value in our society on naturally made or organically made products, choosing to install granite countertops will truly bolster your home’s resale value. So think of these materials as a lifetime investment rather than a one-time purchase.

Once you have made the decision to pursue a remodel, deciding where to buy your materials – as well as choosing which materials – is the next step in the journey.


Head to a showroom

Look around for different showrooms in your area that either have walk-ins or appointments (Granite Liquidators does both) and plan a visit!

Being able to see materials up close and personal is critical. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, right?

Plus, when you’re able to walk around showrooms you can see every potential option. With all these options at your disposal, it’s not uncommon if a customer comes in with a particular color in mind, but leaves with a completely different one.


Finding a supplier

Once you’ve had the chance to see granite in person you’ll want to find the right supplier for your project. From a consumer’s stand point, everyone wants the best quality for the best price, and that’s the true benefit of shopping for materials via Granite Liquidators.

As a wholesaler of granite with amazing connections to quarries in Brazil, India and even Africa – we are able to buy granite at a better price than any of our competitors. In turn, this means more savings for you and less money out of pocket for the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams!


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