5 Things to Consider When Comparing Quartzite vs Granite

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Quartzite vs Granite, which is better?

When comparing these two natural stone countertop materials, homeowners are constantly torn between the two.

Quartzites and granite countertop materials are great options for any home and homeowner, but how can you determine which is right for your home project?

To help you figure this out, we’ve compiled a short list of 5 things to consider when comparing quartzite vs granite countertops.


1. Quartzite vs Granite: Density

One of the main features that sets quartzite apart from granite in the quartzite vs granite debate, is that quartzite slabs are denser. But what does that mean for your countertop?

This density gives quartzite slabs an unmatched durability when comparing natural stone countertops to one another. This makes a quartzite slab more resistive to chipping and scratching.

So if you’re looking for a long-lasting, durable countertop solution then quartzite slabs might be right for you!


2. Both are Naturally Occurring

Another thing to remember when comparing quartzites vs granite, is that they are both naturally occurring materials that Mother Nature herself has made. Because they’re made from naturally processes beneath the earth’s core, natural stone slabs can be characterized with one word: unique.

White Macaubus Quartzite

It’s also important to remember that quartzites are not the same as quartz (the man-made product) countertops. We’ve found that man-made products don’t hold up to the standard they’re advertised at, which is why we only stock naturally made materials.


3. Both are Easy to Maintain

If you’re like any other homeowner, finding a countertop solution that has a low maintenance requirement is probably at the top of your list for material requirements.

Good news!

If you’re struggling to decide between quartzites vs granite, just know that either option will provide great resistance to stains, etching, chipping and more. They are both highly durable, making them great options for projects that see heavy traffic – like your kitchen!


4. Granite Countertops Come In Thousands of Color Variations

One of the defining features of natural stone countertops, is that the color variations and patterns seen with each slab are completely unique to that slab alone!

Think of this like the snowflake effect. You’ll never see the same pattern twice!


sedna magma granite countertops granite liquidators

Depending on where the stone was mined from, you can see a wide range in colors. For example, there are two quarries we directly import from in India. It’s interesting to note that stones mined from the quarries in the south will have a more rustic, brown and gold hue while quarries to the north will have more white and cream colors.


5. Both Are Highly Resistant To Heat

We touch on the resistance aspect earlier in the article, but we’ll go into a little more depth here in regards to their resistance to heat.

Countertop materials like Marble and Quartz (the man-made product) are incredibly susceptible to heat stains and damages. So if you were to place a hot pan that was just on the stove, or a tray coming right out of the oven, directly on top of your marble or quartz countertop – damages are likely to occur. Browning due to heat stains can occur and we’ve even seen the man-made materials melt.

marble countertops burn damage

Example of a Burn Stain

Yes, melt. This is because man-made products use plastic fillers within the material. So any direct contact with high heat will melt those plastic fillers and effectively ruin your countertop.

Not with Quartzite or Granite!

With their incredible resistant to heat, this makes these countertop materials the ideal option for kitchen projects.


In closing, both of these materials are highly resistant to potential damages and come in thousands of different color schemes. But which is better?

It’s completely up to you!

That’s the best part about natural stone countertops – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Now that you know the benefits of each slab, check out our inventory page and look at all our beautiful granite, marble and quartzite slabs and find the one you love!