As one of the most popular slabs of granite among homeowners, Bianco Antico has countless possibilities for matching! Looking to create a modern or contemporary style? Bianco Antico is the perfect solution. Or maybe you prefer a rustic and traditional look? Bianco Antico still remains as an ideal option.

Ok, so Bianco Antico is clearly a versatile stone but where does that leave you?

With all the matching potential of Bianco Antico at your disposal, it may be hard to decide on which style to go with. So for this article we’ll showcase a few different examples of Bianco Antico fully installed as a means of creating inspiration for your next project!


Bianco Antico with white cabinets

Bianco Antico Granite Installed Example

This example, provided by Zsolt Granite, utilizes a beautiful hardwood floor coupled with white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and deep brown furniture frames that are accented with white seats.

An incredibly clean, sleek and modern style, the Bianco Antico compliments all colors of the kitchen, perfectly and brings it all together. The floor creates a beautiful, yet not overwhelming, contrast with the counters and cabinets – a style that I am personally very fond of.


What about dark cabinets?

Bianco Antico Granite InstalledThis picture, sourced from Solace Home Design, shows this slab with dark cabinets rather than white. By applying the same ideas of contrasting colors between cabinets and counters, the white ceramic tiles, with stainless steel appliances and you get another beautifully modern design.


Combination of both!

MI StoneBianco Antico Granite Liquidators Example provides this example of an interesting combination of both white and dark cabinets. While the majority of cabinets are white, the island uses a deep brown color that acts as a highlighting feature in the project.

By using a different color for the island, this design effectively makes it the focal point of the kitchen. So using this kind of method can be incredibly useful especially if there is a particular feature you want to stand out more than others.


Bianco Antico in a traditional design

Save Granite provided this picture of another beautiful and stylish design for Bianco Antico. It is much more of a traditional appearance, as the greys and whites of the granite create a well-balanced and traditional look.

Bianco Antico Granite Liquidators Example

By using wicker chairs and good balance of mahogany colors to whites and creams, with stainless steel appliances and light fixtures, this particular example creates the timeless and classic look of a trending kitchen.


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