5 Applications for Stone Veneer

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5 Applications for Stone Veneer   5 Applications for Stone Veneer

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5 Applications for Stone Veneer

5 Applications for Stone Veneer   5 Applications for Stone Veneer

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5 Applications for Stone Veneer

Did you know that 85% of interior designers use some sort of backsplash?

However, that number is probably much higher seeing that almost every granite project we come across has some sort of wall tile application.

With such a popular addition to home projects, Granite Liquidators isn’t just your typical countertop store. While we sell whole slabs of granite, marble and quartzite, we also have ledgestone or stone veneer materials for all your backsplash applications.

Backsplashes seem like the obvious use for ledge stones, but at this point you may be asking, “What other applications can I use stone veneer for?”

  1. Backsplashes

    – the obvious application, stone veneers are perfect solutions for backsplashes because they will 1) enclose the gaps that occur between the countertop and wall and 2) act as a protector against water secreting into any gaps, preventing mold build up. [Refer to this article for more information]


  1. Fireplaces and Mantels

    – Using a wall tile system for fire places and mantels is another highly popular application of ledge stones. The current trend of surrounding fire sources with stone or naturally looking materials is very popular among Colorado homeowners. So the use of these stones can give your project a rustic theme, enabling you fit into the current trend.


  1. Outdoor Kitchens

    – Outdoor kitchens or living areas have been booming in popularity. We’ve seen other outdoor areas use other materials, but the most successful projects are using natural stone veneer. Why? Generally speaking, outdoor kitchens are extensions of rustic themed projects so a utilization of ledge stones is ideal. It will also make your project look more natural and suiting to an outdoor environment.


  1. Accent walls (interior/exterior)

    – Similar to outdoor kitchens, using a stone veneer for exterior accent walls will help your project look as if it naturally belongs there. As for interior applications, these walls will have more character to them by adding a vibrancy and uniqueness to your project.


  1. Bathroom walls

    – Another highly popular use for stone veneer, bathroom walls can benefit greatly from using stone wall tiles. They’ll help prevent moisture secreting into vulnerable areas as well as increasing the visual appeal.


These are just 5 applications that are highly used among homeowners. Due to the versatile nature of our Stone Veneer tiles, the possibilities can seem endless. The only limitation is your imagination.

So if you have any more ideas for ledge stone applications, let us know and comment below!

If you’re looking for more information regarding our Stone Veneer and Ledge Stone systems, please download a free eBook and brochure. This exclusive content, not found anywhere else on our site, can be greatly beneficial to you making a well-informed decision so don’t miss out and download now!

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