5 Reasons Granite Makes The Perfect Fireplace

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Granite Buying Made Simple

5 Reasons Granite Makes The Perfect Fireplace   5 Reasons Granite Makes The Perfect Fireplace

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Granite Buying Made Simple

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5 Reasons Granite Makes The Perfect Fireplace

5 Reasons Granite Makes The Perfect Fireplace   5 Reasons Granite Makes The Perfect Fireplace

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Fireplaces, like your kitchen, are a place of warmth and gathering in your home. Your hearth draws the eye and will make a statement about your home. Building codes require your fireplace be surrounded by a noncombustible material, so natural stones are the ideal choice.

Slate, marble, and granite are popular due to their timeless style and ability to retain and radiate heat. Each natural stone offers different cost, style, upkeep, and durability options. Here are the five reasons you should consider granite for your fireplace.

1. Your Overall Look

Granite is a very visually appealing, timeless, natural stone. You will have many patterns and colors to consider to choose from at granite suppliers in Denver. Whether you want your fireplace to be elegant and dignified or cozy and relaxed, there is a granite type that can give you that style.

Each granite slab is unique, adding to its beauty and appeal. When styling your room, start with the granite you like best and build the rest of your room around it. Your fireplace will be the natural focal point.

Granite makes an excellent choice as you can use it in any element – the hearth, mantel, and fireplace itself. Using granite creates a smooth polished look surrounding your fireplace that can be flush with the surrounding floor. With brick or slate, you typically have to raise your hearth above the level of the flooring in the room.

If you do not want an overly smooth finish for your fireplace, you can choose a design with more depth and texture. You can also play with the look by altering the finish. Granite can be matte, ultra-glossy, or anywhere in between.

2. Minimal Maintenance

Choosing a smooth stone will allow for easy cleanup of dirt and soot, which you may forget when considering coarser stones like slate. A grimy hearth can easily ruin the beauty and cozy atmosphere the fireplace brings to your room. Granite is also scratch-resistant, so you do not need to clean it as frequently as other stones. Wipe the surface weekly with a damp cloth to prevent build-up and maintain your sleek look.

3. The Durability

Because it is durable and lasts many years, granite makes an excellent fireplace material. It can withstand extremely high temperatures without breaking. When taken care of properly, it is extremely scratch and stain-resistant.

While brick may be a contender due to its low price tag, it may need more upkeep and repair over the years. Granite will not break or chip easily from heavy use like cheaper fireplace options. Granite is so long-lasting it may even outlast your home – an impressive return on investment that you and your family can enjoy for generations.

4. Your Fuel Source

While other materials may dictate the style of hearth you can have, you can use granite with any fireplace regardless of the fuel source. You can use a single piece of granite with gas or electric fires. Slabbed granite is assembled in sections and used with wood burning or solid fuel fireplaces. Consult with your Denver granite fabricator to see how to achieve your ideal granite fireplace.

5. The Cohesive Design

Whether you already have granite countertops in your kitchen or bathroom or plan to install them in the future, using granite in your fireplace will tie your home together. Sticking with granite will create a consistent look for your home’s interior and exterior design.

If you are in the planning stages, granite remnants from your countertops make excellent accents over your fireplace as the mantel. If you have larger pieces remaining, you can use them as tiles for your hearth.

Bonus: Increasing Your Home’s Value

Cohesive use of granite throughout your home will add to the overall effect and increase your home’s value. If you are contemplating selling, buyers appreciate the polished elegance of a granite fireplace since it is not a trend or fad. If you are not planning on selling soon, visitors will still admire your timeless addition for years to come.

When installing or upgrading your fireplace, it is crucial to spend time selecting the best material for you. There are many stones to choose from to make the elements of your fireplace come together beautifully. With the wrong hearth, your fireplace can detract from the enjoyment of your room. Work with your natural stone supplier to view samples in all potential spaces in your home, as lighting can change how the stones look. Fireplaces have evolved from just a heat source to an aesthetically pleasing focal point in your home. Selecting the right granite slabs will add warmth, style, and value to any room in your home.