Granite doesn’t have to be limited to a kitchen or a bathroom.

Outdoor living spaces, like kitchens, are another solid area where installing granite will be a great idea. For example, granite will be an amazing countertop material for outdoor kitchens because of granite’s durability and pure, naturalistic beauty.

But which type of granite would be best? In this article we’ll explore designs with 5 different granite slabs.



With its earth tone colors and specks of rusted gold, this slab of Audax would be a great choice for an outdoor living area.


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Now, with the combination of dark blues and stone greys placing this slab as your countertop beneath a stone veneer would result in a beautiful, yet subtle design.


Santa Cecilia

Another great choice, Santa Cecilia would be a great selection for an outdoor kitchen countertop material, as the nature of the colors in this slab draws in light and amplifies it.
As seen in the picture above, the tones of a golden slab coupled with clear blue water, stainless steel grill, and stone veneer makes a clean and classic style. If you love spending time outside in your backyard, applying Santa Cecilia to your outdoor kitchen will only make you want to spend even more time outside!


Absolute Black

A slab of Absolute Black would be another great choice for your outdoor kitchen countertop material. Check out this example:


For a clean, modern and very sleek design this homeowner utilized Absolute Black with a light, sandstone veneer and a clean wooden pergola. This finished design is something I’m particularly fond of, as the contrasting colors of the countertop with stone veneer and wood truly makes this outdoor kitchen pop.


Copacabana Beach

Similar to Absolute Black, but with a twist! While it may be hard to see at this angle, but the black mainstay coupled with gold waves and streaks of Copacabana Beach creates a truly unique design.


While the black countertop will absorb the heat, the gold will act to subtly attract the light bringing balance to your outdoor kitchen.


New Caledonia

For homeowners who’d like wooden cabinets for their outdoor kitchen, then check out this example using New Caledonia.


The wood provides a natural, organic aesthetic to the design and with a stone grey slab – you’ll further improve your natural themed décor. Plus, New Caledonia is highly versatile so any combination of cabinetry will work just fine!