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Kitchens and eating areas tend to be the focal point of the home. It’s where all the action is during a dinner party, allowing for you and your guests to share memories and create new ones. But what happens if there isn’t enough space for you and your guests?

This is where an extension of your home would be useful. Which is why most homeowners are looking to build outdoor living spaces, such as outdoor kitchens, pools, fire pits and more. However, the most popular approach seems to be an outdoor kitchen.

Just like your kitchen inside, you’ll most likely want to match the material you already have so the style of your home is consistent throughout. If you’re going to utilize a natural stone material – like granite, quartzite, or marble – for your outdoor kitchen countertop, then here are a few things to keep in mind:


What do you want?

As mentioned above, if you have a countertop material already installed in your home, then matching your outdoor kitchen countertop will complete and unify the overall look and style of your property.

However, you are not limited to this nor is a “set-in-stone” option. If you are using a dark, jet black granite – like Ubatuba – for your interior kitchen, there is no issue if you’d prefer something else for the exterior. The appearance and visual aspect is based on homeowner preference.

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Outdoor kitchen example.

Will an outdoor kitchen countertop require more maintenance?

Nope! Natural stone materials are incredibly durable and resistive to the elements largely in part because they were formed Mother Nature herself. Granite, marble and even quartzites see no issues with being in the outdoors – our stone selection/showroom is even outside! While some may be more resistant than others, generally speaking any exterior, natural stone product wouldn’t require any more maintenance when compared to an interior, natural stone product.

When it comes to maintenance, all the basic and traditional cleaning rules apply. If you are unfamiliar with those tips and advice, head to our previous Granite Cleaning article for all your answers!



While we always preach that you should seal your countertops, however outdoor kitchen countertops can sometimes be an exception.

Because they are outside, and exposed to sun light and water, these natural elements will help keep stains from setting in. Keep in mind that this kind of exposure is completely up to the homeowner. We’ve seen many outdoor kitchens utilize a pergola or some sort of overhang/coverage atop their cooking areas and countertops, so relying on the elements to keep your stone stain free may not be the best idea.

Talk with one of our granite specialists if you have any inquiries regarding your project, specifically.

Everything You Need to Know about Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

The Most Cost-Effective Option

When compared to other outdoor kitchen countertop materials, using a natural stone would be ideal. Other materials, like man-made or engineered materials, might not have the same durability to exterior elements whereas materials like granite are perfectly fine and not phased at all.

And don’t think of your materials as a one-time purchase.

Beautiful kitchen countertops are an incredible investment that won’t just bolster the appearance of your home, but the resale value as well.


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