Remodeling your bathroom can seem like a simple task but because of the small space (even if your bathroom is on the larger side) you can make some futile mistakes! After you have invested time and money into re-doing your bathroom you expect that it will be all that you dreamed it would be. This is especially true if you are installing granite bathroom countertops. Most homeowners want their granite countertop to be the focal point of their bathroom.

Here are some common mistakes that you can easily make that can change the look of your granite countertop and the overall bathroom:

Highlighting Drywall

Back in the day adding crown molding around the ceiling of any room was the “thing to do”. This was a great idea when you wanted to highlight wall space to brighten a room or make it look larger. This was also a time when countertop materials were pretty ordinary, so you wanted to bring the eye up.

Today with materials like granite, you want it to be the focus! Keeping walls minimalistic will bring attention to the colors and movement of your granite countertops.

Presenting Fixtures

If you are not careful the light fixtures that you choose can overpower everything else and leave your granite countertop unnoticed. When decorating any room, you want to accentuate characteristics but not the lighting. The lighting should be a mere compliment to what is going on in the bathroom.

Particularly with granite countertops, you want to bring out highlighted tones to create a melded look. Soft but effective lighting is the key!


Unwanted Shadows


Whether you are planning to put décor items on your granite countertop or you are installing shelves above it, you want to make sure that you do not create a lot of shadow.

Do not put large items directly on your granite countertops or directly over it. This will minimize the view and mute your granite countertop.

Ugly LED Lights


If you are familiar with LED lights you know that there are a variety of types available. The first LED lights that came onto the market were bright and very harsh. Now there are softer more natural LED options.

Using the wrong type of LED with granite countertops can make it look like it has colors and hues that it does not. LED lights can easily change the color index of your granite countertops. Whites can look dirty and other natural colors can appear gray.

Dimmers Are Your Friend

Depending on the time of day a dimmer on your lighting fixtures can really enhance your granite countertop. By playing with lighting you can give your granite countertop a different look.

They key to good lighting is its ability to change with the time of day, seasons, and entertaining.

By using these simple tips, you can keep your bathroom remodel using granite countertops on track to meet your expectations!

If you haven’t even made it to the point where you would need these tips and are looking to install a granite countertop in your bathroom, get in touch with us! We have a wide variety of stones available now, each with wholesale pricing!