There are many design tips out there on how to maximize a small kitchen. Many people feel that they cannot achieve an organized and beautiful kitchen in a limited space. This is just not true! Using granite in small kitchens is easier than you think.

Get Inspired From Your Countertop: Granite in Small Kitchens

In any kitchen large or small, the countertop is the focal point. Designers recommend creating your decorating scheme after choosing your countertop. Because granite countertops are fabricated per each individual project’s specifications, it is functional for even the smallest kitchen. Once you have selected your granite slab, use its color arrangement as the primary element when decorating and adding the other essential kitchen components. Lighter colored granite patterns that have some darker highlights are a good selection for smaller and/or darker kitchen spaces. Tones of the highlights can be used to make an accent wall that not only compliments the granite, but the cabinetry too.

One current awe-inspiring design trend is a white granite countertop paired with dark espresso or black cabinets. This gives a modern appearance that is not only chic, but high end looking as well.

Backsplash Ideas: Granite in Small Kitchens

In a smaller kitchen, you may also have limited wall space which eliminates ways to decorate and add character to one of the most important rooms of your home. Creating a unique backsplash using the patterns and tones in your granite is an easy way to spruce up a plain kitchen. There are multiple accents that can be incorporated into the backsplash that can add texture and color highlights.

Granite in Small Kitchens

Organization Inspiration: Granite in Small Kitchens

The key to any functional, yet stylish home is a lack of clutter. This is especially true in the kitchen. If you are installing a granite countertop, you want to show it off. However, it can quickly disappear when excess bowls, containers, or decorations are piled on top. In a smaller kitchen where counterspace is at a minimum only a few items with take up all of the available space. Using inserts inside your cabinets will allow you to utilize all of the space in it not just the shelf surface area.

Granite in Small Kitchens

Granite in Small Kitchens: Lengthen With Flooring

Certain patterns of flooring can elongate a small kitchen and make it look bigger. Installing a real or faux wood floor that has long skinny planks will give the optical illusion that your kitchen is bigger. Just like with the granite color and pattern, choose a lighter colored tone with darker accents to give dimension and keep the room bright. If wood is not your first choice, you can also get the same effect using large tiles installed in a diamond pattern.

Granite in Small Kitchens

Think Glass with Using Granite in Small Kitchens

One of the most loved characteristics of granite is its shiny surface. Shine looks amazing in a kitchen of any size. Consider using glass for cabinets, shelving, and furniture to keep that look going. Since shiny surfaces reflect light, it is key in small spaces and also contributes to a luxurious motif.

Granite in Small Kitchens

Lighting in Addition to Granite in Small Kitchens

To finish off your small kitchen do not forget the lighting. It is essential in creating the ambiance in any room of your home. In small kitchens, accent lighting that has a spotlight effect will give it dimension making it look larger. This can be accomplished by hitting an area of an accent wall or lighting the top of cabinets.