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Yes it’s true! Upgrading your home with granite countertops, whether they be in the bathroom, kitchen or outdoor living space, will absolutely increase your home’s value.

With 80-90% of all homes incorporating some sort of natural stone countertop, by not having them present in your home means that your property will be all the more difficult to sell.

To help your property move on the market and increase your home’s value, we’ve compiled a guide as to exactly why granite kitchen countertops will increase home value in Denver.


Increasing Your Home’s Appeal

Andrea Mauk, a real estate professional, gave her thoughts in a recent Zillow forum by stating, “granite countertops can make your house more appealing to buyers…First time buyers especially will appreciate an updated kitchen if it’s functional (ample cabinet space, has a pantry, floor tiles and countertops [that] complement each other)…Updated kitchens and bathrooms help to sell houses, but if the rest of the house also makes the grade.”

Kitchens Feature

In short, this real estate professional confirmed that granite kitchen countertops will in fact increase your home’s value. It doesn’t even have to be granite! Any stone countertop material like marble or quartzite will have the same effect. But the key takeaway is that the rest of the house must be up to par, as well. If you have top-notch, high quality countertop material but the rest of your home is still stuck in an old decade, then an upgrade to granite kitchen countertops may not have as large of an increase in value as you may have thought.


Is Appeal the Same Thing as Value?

This is another key point to take into consideration. While granite kitchen countertops increase your home’s appeal, that does not necessarily mean the value increases.

However, a property with a high appeal that has multiple prospecting buyers can certainly create an illusion of value. The more people who want to buy the home means the asking price can increase, essentially creating a higher “value”.


The Centerpiece of Your Home

In a recent Yahoo! Homes article on kitchen upgrades, one post said the following about new countertops:

“Think of your granite kitchen countertops as the star of the show – the right material is what creates that wow factor when you enter a room. Want to cast the right character in this role? Driscoll recommends stone if you want to stay up with trends.”

Why Buy From A Countertop store

By adding a “wow” factor to your home and keeping up with the current trends, your home’s value will certainly increase. So take all this into consideration because by not doing so, your home will only be harder to get off the market. Upgrade your home and its value by getting new, granite kitchen countertops – today!