August 1, 2020

DENVER, Colo. – Effective July 20, 2020, Granite Liquidators will become the new title sponsor of ‘Afternoon Drive with Goodman and Mason’ on Mile High Sports Radio. Based out of Denver, Granite Liquidators has expressed enthusiasm about working with a radio show that covers the local Colorado sports that they know and love. ‘Afternoon Drive’ is hosted by seasoned sports broadcasters, Eric Goodman and Andrew Mason. The sponsorship includes live reads, sponsorship mentions, commercials, and the hosts wearing Granite Liquidators merchandise while recording. This partnership will continue through the end of the scheduled Colorado Broncos football season. 

Founded in 1974, Granite Liquidators is a subsidiary of Rocky Mountain Forest Products. The company has been in Colorado for almost 50 years now and has grown to appreciate and enjoy the many local sports throughout the state. Granite Liquidators has a staff full of die-hard Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, Avalanche, and other Colorado fans. They have recognized that much of their customer base is also quite involved in local sports, and sponsoring ‘Afternoon Drive’ is the perfect way to get more involved with that community. 

‘Afternoon Drive with Goodman and Mason’ airs Monday through Friday from 4 pm to 6 pm MST. Perfect for the end of a workday, the show covers current sports updates and local news. Co-hosts, Eric Goodman and Andrew Mason, have decades of experience reporting on sports. Granite Liquidators is thrilled to work alongside such professional and intelligent local sports enthusiasts in the greater Denver community. 

Eric Goodman established himself in his nearly 20 years spent in the television industry. His accomplishments have only grown as he is now well into his eighth year as a radio talk show host on Mile High Sports Radio. While working in TV, he was a sports anchor at CNN in Atlanta and Fox Sports Net in Chicago. Most recently, he served as the sports director at Fox 31 in Denver. Goodman spent two years hosting the ‘Morning Drive’ show before switching to the ‘Afternoon Drive’ alongside Andrew Mason. He is quite active on Twitter (@EricGoodman) and engages in local sports commentary and ongoing news. 

Andrew Mason is also an experienced sports broadcaster, covering the NFL for 21 seasons, including 16 seasons for the Broncos Beat on DNVR. Before joining DNVR as a writer and podcaster, Mason was a writer and analyst on the Broncos’ official website for 6 seasons. During this time, he also spent two years co-hosting a daily show on a Broncos partner station. The sports veteran spent two years working for the Carolina Panthers and another two years as an editor and writer for From 2010 to 2012, Mason covered the Broncos for other publications including The Sporting News, CBS Sports, and The New York Times. Likewise to Goodman, Mason is also an avid Twitter user (@MaseDenver) and enjoys taking part in local sports conversations. 

Granite Liquidators is a wholesale building materials supplier based out of Denver, CO. As you can imagine, the employees and customers surrounding the company are quite involved in sports in the area. This sponsorship of ‘Afternoon Drive with Goodman and Mason’ serves as an exciting extension of the brand and community that Granite Liquidators represents. They take pride in participating and being engaged members of the Denver fan base and hope to build relationships with those who feel the same. That’s why Granite Liquidators is so energized about the new partnership with Goodman and Mason. Working with such seasoned experts in the sports industry is a huge opportunity for Granite Liquidators to tap into a wider market in the area. Directed at men mainly, ‘Afternoon Drive’ and Granite Liquidators both service the Denver area with the everyday blue-collar worker in mind.

With all of the unprecedented events going on thus far in 2020, Granite Liquidators is looking forward to providing an outlet of entertainment and sports news to the fans that make their business so great. Giving back to the Denver community by supporting local fans and businesses is what makes Granite Liquidators so excited for this sponsorship. 

With the current unknown state of the world and the future of sports, not a lot can be determined with how this upcoming season will go. Local Coloradan fans are hopeful that sports will continue with or without fans cheering them on. Regardless of the outcome, the radio show must go on! Goodman and Mason have been doing this long enough to understand that difficult times call for different kinds of measures. Whether or not sports happen, ‘Afternoon Drive’ will continue to give updates and produce content that Colorado sports fans have been craving for some time now. 

Granite Liquidators is proud to represent the community and sponsor a radio show that has the same passion for sports and the local residents of Colorado. Whether fans are cheering on the Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, Avalanche, or any other local state or college team, Granite Liquidators is pleased to deliver content and commentary aimed towards getting them the updates they want and need. 

For those interested in tuning in to the ‘Afternoon Drive with Goodman and Mason,’ the show airs Monday through Friday from 4 pm to 6 pm MST on 104.7 FM. The show is available for streaming on It is also available for listening on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and can be downloaded for streaming at a later time. To learn more about the show and Goodman and Mason, head to the co-hosts’ Twitter accounts for news updates and personal opinions and sports commentary. You can also navigate to the Mile High Sports website for more information regarding the show and additional resources for further sports-related content. 

Granite Liquidators will become the title sponsor of ‘Afternoon Drive with Goodman and Mason’ starting within the next couple weeks. To learn more about this partnership or Granite Liquidators as a company, give us a call or stop by at any time during normal business hours. Granite Liquidators is thrilled to provide sports broadcasting and expand its community and brand outreach to the residents and fans of Colorado.