Granite countertops are the perfect addition to any home. They not only add elegance and style to a home, but they give you functionality and durability that is stress-free. Although granite is a product that designers and architects across the board swoon over, there are some common granite mistakes to be aware of. Granite is expensive and is well worth the money spent. To avoid any problems with your granite, make sure your installation crew knows what they are doing and you will be able to avoid these common mistakes.

Picking Out Your Granite

Picking out your granite is the most important step. You want to pick out a color and pattern that flows with your home and matches your existing style. When it comes to picking out your granite, make sure you don’t choose it based on a small tile sample. The granite looks very different when in a higher quantity which is why you want to see the full slab before you make your final decision. By seeing the full slab, you can grasp the overall coloration and movement of the veins to make sure it is absolutely the stone you are looking for.

Installing Your Granite

There are three common ways you can install granite. It is vital to understand the difference between them all, so you don’t end up with a design that is the opposite of what you want.

  1. Waterfall Granite – Waterfall granite is when your granite countertops taper off the edge and create a boxed-in look entirely of granite. This is ideal for someone wanting a very drastic style and appearance.
  2. Edge Profiling – Edge profiling is when the fabricator of your slab creates a finished look to the edges of your granite. The most common edge profiles are bullnose, beveled, and straight.
  3. Mounting Your Sinks – This is when you install your sink underneath your granite, so the seam is invisible. This creates a crisp and simple look.


Granite is a very hard building material to work with, so making sure that the lines are cut exactly straight and that it is perfectly glued down with no holes or spaces of air is very difficult. When fabricators are working with granite, they are dealing with a substance that is 700-1200 pounds- which is insane. So, don’t expect perfection with your granite install. There may be small imperfections, but we assure you, you’re the only one who notices it. Your granite will look amazing and will make people’s jaw drop even with the small imperfections that could occur.


Make sure you double check your measurements before you purchase a slab and before install. Measurements are extremely vital when you are installing granite. Even the slightest mistake in measurements could cost you a lot of money and potentially ruin your entire renovation.

Granite Comes First

When you are redoing your entire kitchen or bathroom or starting from scratch, always start with the granite countertops first. The granite you choose becomes the centerpiece of your kitchen or bathroom, which means you want it to match and flow with the rest of the room. By choosing your granite first, you can plan everything else around the colors and style of your granite slabs.

Don’t Try to Match Samples

The reason why we say to choose your granite first is that it is very difficult to match your granite from looking at samples or displays. Every style looks different in your home and granite movements and coloration can alter depending on the shade of your cabinets and flooring. So, don’t rely on a sample and choose your granite first!

Here at Granite Liquidators, we have premium granite, marble, quartzite, and onyx. All our slabs are carefully selected based on their rarity, color, and movement. We never have hidden pricing, and everything is upfront and transparent. Come visit us today and take a walk through our granite yard. You’ll see firsthand the beauty and elegance of each stone in its entirety. If you aren’t sure where to start or need some inspiration, we will help you out. Our team is educated and knowledgeable, which means you get the best of the best. Come visit us, we can’t wait to meet you!