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The time has come.

Friends and family will soon be joining together, sharing stories about their past years’ experience will take place, and laughable memories will surely be created.

But if you’re like any homeowner – especially if you want to be the host – you’ll know that there is a sense of desire, and even a little pressure, to show off your home and really “wow” your guests. With 3 major holidays in the next month and a half coming up, there are plenty of opportunities to show off your new granite, marble or quartzite countertops. That being said, time can be a bit of a constraint this time of year.

Don’t let that deter you.

You can easily complete your project in time for Thanksgiving and in this article we’ll give you some tips on how to do that…

First, take a look at our inventory page and schedule a time to see the stones in person.

By looking at our selections before you come in, you’re decision making process will have already been started. With our vast yard, coming in without a sense of what you’re looking for can result in browsing and perusing our slabs for quite some time.

So looking at our online inventory will give help you start forming your decision in regards to color and movement.

We also highly recommend that when you come in that you bring a sample of your cabinets so you can match your colors accordingly.

Once you have your stone picked out,


The second step is to choose a Fabricator

This is where homeowners commonly think that turnaround time for their project is 2 weeks or more.

Keep in mind that this is not always the case.

With our database of about 150 local fabricators, we can refer you to someone who can fit your exact needs. Whether you have variables involving your budget, time frame, or a desired level of customer service – we can connect you with someone who will accommodate whatever said variable may be.

Once you have your materials and installer selected, you’ll only need to pay for those materials and labor and your project will be completed before you know it!


When it comes to payment…

It’s understandable that an average homeowner might be hesitant about putting down large amounts of money, up-front for a large ticket item like a granite countertop project.

We know this can be an issue and can be a huge impediment of finishing your project at an expedient rate.

You want a quick turnaround time, right?

That’s why we have 6-month, interest free financing via PayPal Credit. Rather than paying for your slab(s) in full, you can choose our financing option to build the granite countertops of your dream without having to wait.


To learn more about our financing option, give us a call and a specialist will answer all your inquiries!


Concluding Thoughts

So if your hesitating to start a granite countertop project due to turnaround time – don’t.

We’ve seen customers complete their projects in as little as 4 days.

4 days!

We have all the resources to help you complete your project in the timeframe you want, but remember: the true way to complete a project this quickly is to be decisive. If you can be decisive about your materials and fabricator, you can easily have your project done by this Thanksgiving!