Renovating your kitchen can be stressful, as there are a lot of components that go into a kitchen such as cabinets, countertops, and appliances. There’s also the little things such as backsplash, storage space, and accent pieces. The amount of detail that goes into renovating a kitchen can cause you to feel overwhelmed and have high-stress levels. When it comes to your kitchen’s design, the first thing you and others will notice when you walk in are the countertops and cabinets. 

Picking a combination of cabinets and countertop that match can be challenging. Especially if you are using cabinets that already exist and are matching a countertop. With your cabinets and countertops being the focal piece, you want them to match and create a flow for your kitchen. You want to stay within the same style and color patterns.

Options for Renovating Your Kitchen

Matching A Countertop to Existing Cabinets

A very budget-friendly way to renovate your kitchen is to keep the existing cabinets and replace your old countertops. By using your old cabinets and touching them up, you already cut one part of the equation out and can focus on one component, your new granite. Now, take a door off of your existing cabinets with you to the granite yard. This way you can look at how the colors on both the cabinets and the stones work together. The reason we say to bring one of the actual doors from your kitchen is because a small sample doesn’t do it justice. To get the full picture, you need a life sized piece of material that shows the coloring well.

Where Should I Go for My Granite?

Usually, homeowners will go to the big box stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s because they are easily accessible and familiar to people. While you can find granite countertops at both places, you will end up spending more money and not having as much of a variety to choose from. Wholesalers, like Granite Liquidators, have better quality control which means your slab will be higher quality. We also tend to have more rare selections not found other places, since we hand pick our stones from the quarries. Big box stores get the bare minimum when it comes to granite. There is so much variety out there, so step outside the box and visit a wholesaler!

What is the difference between basic and exotic?

So, there are two types of granite slabs that you can find through wholesalers. The first one is basic granite which means the colors and patterns are simple, neutral, and don’t have as much patterning and movement. Exotic slabs are usually rare, their coloring is vibrant, and their patterns are one of a kind. This means that there are no two slabs alike. Wholesalers are the ones who usually stock exotic slabs and have a wide selection to choose from.

Matching Dark Cabinets and Flooring

The best thing about dark colors is that they are easy to pair and are likely to go with just about anything. When you have cabinets that are a dark color such as dark brown or black, you want to add something to your kitchen that is a lighter color. White or light grey granite would pair nicely with dark cabinets to give your kitchen contrast.

 Matching Light Cabinets and Flooring

When you are working with cabinets that are lightly colored like white, grey, blue, or neutral you want to stay within the same range of color. This way your kitchen flows together nicely, but you’re not having a statement piece that stands out from everything else.

All Natural, All Wood

Matching a countertop with all wood cabinets can be tricky. When you are picking your stone, you want to stay within the earth tones and natural light and dark browns. Wood is a little harder to pair a countertop with, but in the end, if matched correctly your kitchen will look incredible and natural.

This is just a basic guide to renovating your kitchen and making sure your countertops and cabinets match perfectly. Beyond these ideas, there are many more items to pay attention to when doing a renovation such as flooring, lighting, and your appliances.