Find the right match for your wood cabinets.

Wood cabinets were once the most common in a kitchen, but over that last decade, painting your cabinets white, black, or grey have become trendy. Even more adventurous colors like green or blue have become increasingly popular. We’re not hating it though. We’ve seen cabinets in all sort of colors look truly amazing, especially if there is granite sitting on top of them. Any cabinet, whether they are painted baby blue, or stained oak, they can sometimes be difficult to match with the right granite color. We’ve talked about matching granite colors to cabinets before, in this blog: “The Buyer’s Guide: Granite Styles and Colors”

But today, we’re focusing on wood cabinets…


One of the key ways to finding the right match for your kitchen cabinets is to pick a stone that has a fleck of color that you can match. You want to keep color consistency.

For example, if the stone has a little bit of brown in it, even just small splatters of it, you can sand and restain your cabinets to match that shade of brown. Or maybe that brown already matches, you got lucky. But it’s could be a great stone to choose so the simple fact that that one color ties in with the cabinets. As long as the other colors in the stone aren’t overpowering the one tone you are matching.

White granite tends to have other colors in it, while keeping the overall color of the stone neutral. It’s a great option for most wood cabinets.

Another note about consistency- you want a stone with a more timid pattern. You don’t want wild movement in the stone (you could have a vivid pattern if that’s what you want to draw the eyes to- but if you’re looking for overall design, a more tame movement and color in the stone is the better option). Choose a stone that has less movement, and more consistent colors.


wood cabinets

Consider the stain of the wood cabinets

If you’re not changing the stain on the cabinets, then you need to consider that when choosing your stone.

Darker cabinets give you more options for choosing a granite countertop that has more color within it. As you can see below, the countertops are darker, with a lot of brown and beige tones. It works beautifully with this kitchen, but on lighter cabinets it wouldn’t.

Above, you can see that an overall white or marble countertop serves the kitchen better. Lighter cabinets tend to match lighter stones better, and visa verse with darker cabinets and darker stones.

wood cabinets


Which granite colors are the least expensive?

You’ll typically find that tan and black granite slabs are the least expensive, and that white granite tends to be higher in cost. Yet, black and white are both the two most popular choices in granite colors. So why is one more expensive than the other?

This is all due to supply and demand.

Darker granite such as black or brown, and even earthy tones like beige, will be the least expensive because there is more abundance of those colors available in granite mines. Most granite around the world tends to be darker, and white granite is less abundant.

We answer the question: “Which granite colors are the least expensive?” more in depth in this article- click here!


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