Finding granite contractors doesn’t have to be hard!

We often hear from customers that are looking for stone countertops, that they’re in need of both materials and installation.

However, pieces of your project can get lost with suppliers that offer both of those services in one – more specifically, the cost of materials is often hidden or roped into the installation cost.

This just causes more headaches, which you’ll want to avoid – right? So finding a good granite contractor can actually be quite easy, if you know what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ll quickly cover 3 different tips on how to find the right granite contractor for your project – right here in Denver.


1. Find a Granite Contractor with Our Referral System

As we mentioned above, other suppliers that act as both the supplier and installer will more often than not keep the price of the material hidden and include it into the installation cost.

Here at Granite Liquidators we sell you the materials directly and let you choose the installation, so you’ll be in more control of your project’s cost.

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Since we operate in this manner, we have countless granite contractors and fabricators in the Denver area that we work with – so we can easily refer you to one!

Plus, as a 41 year old company we only work with the best. We’ll only refer you to trustworthy and credible companies, all of which do great work.


2. Interior Designers Can Refer Granite Contractors

Some homeowners choose to design their home, while others hire interior designers. Either option works, but there is an inherent benefit to choosing an interior designer: another source for referrals.

Interior designers have connections all over the remodeling industry, so get in touch with a few to see what’s out there.

granite contractors blog granite liquidators

Once you have a few options from an interior designer and a few from us at Granite Liquidators, you can take all of those options and compare them side by side.


3. Granite Contractors Can Be Found on Yelp

Another option to find local granite contractors, which is very popular among homeowners, is to go to local business listings on websites like Yelp.

However, it’s important that you always take these with a grain of salt!


Largely because not every business [especially small, locally owned ones] will have their company listed on these sites.

There could be a hidden gem or the ideal granite contractor for your project that you may not even know about, so don’t limit yourself to just the listings on these local directories! So really look to the first two options to get a better feel for what’s out there.