5 Tips on How to Shop Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops

If you’re trying to shop granite countertops, but seem to be struggling to find exactly what you need, we’re here to help!

Whether it be trying to find the correct stone, good fabrication, or finding the best deal, we can clarify some of the confusion that seems to be intertwined with the natural stone countertop industry.

We’ll briefly go over 5 tips on how to shop granite countertops here in Denver to ensure that you get exactly what you need!


1) When You Shop Granite Countertops, Be Sure To Find a Wholesaler for More Options

Finding a wholesaler when you shop granite countertops can be incredibly important for a variety of reasons. Wholesalers will tend to have larger and more diverse selections. So if you’re project is large enough for multiple slabs, wholesalers like Granite Liquidators will have no issue having enough materials to complete your project.


2) When You Shop Granite Countertops, Choose a Wholesaler for the Best Value

Another reason why you should find a wholesaler, like Granite Liquidators, for your natural stone countertops is that they’ll provide you the best value.

Because we operate as a quarry direct supplier, we can get better materials at a lower cost. We’ve cut out all the unnecessary middle men from the quarry to your home – cutting back costs for everyone! We also have access to larger and more diverse selection of materials – ranging from granite, to marble to even quartzite.

So finding a wholesaler who is also quarry direct can be incredibly beneficial to your project because they can significantly cut back on your project’s costs.

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3) When You Shop Granite Countertops, Look for Colors not Names

Another important factor to keep in mind when you shop granite countertops, is to look for the slab you want based on color rather than name.

This is crucial because there is no standard for naming slabs. For example, if a slab leaves a quarry by the name of Bianco Antico it is not uncommon that [when it hits port at whatever location it has been imported to] the name will change to something else like Royal Silk or Bianco Romano. Since this rule is consistent in our industry, we always recommend choosing your slabs based on the color rather than the name.


4) When You Shop Granite Countertops, Look for Separation between Fabricators and Suppliers

This critical factor should not be over-looked. We get countless calls asking if we’re suppliers and fabricators, or if we’re just suppliers. While we don’t have any in-house installers, we refer our customers to multiple fabricator options.

We do this so you can be in control of your project’s costs and budget.

By giving you options for your labor, you can choose an option that is most suited to you. So if you’re looking for the most affordable install – we can help. And if you’re looking for the highest quality craftsmanship – we can help with that, as well!

There’s also another reason to look for this separation between fabricators and suppliers, and we’ll touch on that in the next section…

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5) When You Shop Granite Countertops, Look for Transparency

The last tip we’ll go over when shopping for granite countertops, is to look for transparency in things like pricing.

In the last section we covered why you should look for suppliers who aren’t also fabricators. But there’s another benefit for choosing this separation:

When you choose those suppliers who are also the fabricator, they have a tendency to withhold the price of the slab you want and tell you, “The price of that stone is determined by your fabricator”. The slab you see at their location has already been marked up for a retail price.

By withholding the price of the slab, this allows the fabricator to mark up the slab again without you knowing because the price of the material was never revealed. In these situations, it’s not uncommon that we are able to save those customers 25% or more if they were to choose us – without sacrificing quality or the color they want.


Concluding Thoughts

When you shop granite countertops here in Denver, be sure to take these 5 tips into account! Not only will they help you get exactly what you want for your project, but they’ll help you save money too.

And if you’re like most homeowners, simplicity and saving money are the keys to success. With Granite Liquidators’ simple buying process and referral data base for contractors – we can get your project completed at a fraction of the cost and with way less headaches!