Granite, overall, has been a part of many of the popular design movements over the last several years. Currently, white granite countertops are one of the top choices for designers and homeowners. White granite countertops are trendy, but timeless and add unique character to your home.

Although there is not a purely white granite in nature, the variations available still emit the clean and bright look that you expect when thinking of white. All of the white granite countertops selections have white and predominately white backgrounds with speckled, swirled, or swiping patterns of accenting colors.

Granite has become so popular because of its durability and longevity. It also has so much design appeal because it is versatile and offers so many color options. Unlike some of the other colors, white granite countertops can blend in with most any décor with a little thought and planning. Depending on your color scheme, color of cabinets, and wall colors, choosing the “right” white granite countertop does take some time and consideration.

Here are some common questions that people have when they are thinking about installing white granite countertops:

What are the best backsplash options that pair with white granite countertops?

Because white generally goes with anything, choosing a backsplash to go with white granite is relatively easy. Depending on the amount of color variation that you want to accent in your granite slab, a white subway tile is a safe way to go. However, if you want to add some warmth, you can choose mosaic or ceramic tile that compliments the veining in your white granite slab.

For an extremely modern look you can use black tile pattern if your granite has black speckles, splotches, or veining.

Do I have to stick with white cabinets if I am installing white granite countertops?

Absolutely not, although white on white is clean and minimalistic, dark cabinets contrast nicely with white granite countertops. If you are going for a more modern and loftier look, white granite countertops are stunning with espresso or black cabinets. For a more traditional kitchen, brown or nutmeg cabinets that highlight any veining in your white granite can be very elegant.

How do I keep my white granite countertops shining?

One of the things that people most comment about when talking about white granite countertops is the sheer beauty of them when they are polished to the nines. The white granite alone brightens any room, but the shine of white granite countertops reflects light like nothing else.

Always use cleaner that is specifically for granite. Never use Windex, bleach, or vinegar! Granite cleaner or simple soap and water can easily keep your white granite countertop polished and looking great.

Below are some of the white granite choices that you can see first hand by visiting Granite Liquidators yard:

Alaska White:

white granite countertops


white granite countertops

Bianco Antico:

white granite countertops

Bianco Primata:

white granite countertops 

New Venetian Light:

white granite countertops

Splendor White:

white granite countertops