A kitchen window bar should be on everyone’s renovation wish list.

If you’re renovating your kitchen, you probably have a wish list. You’ve done your research. Looked through hundreds of Pinterest photos, catalogs, and brochures. You may have even spoken to interior designers and visited home renovation stores for color and style options. If this is you, then double check your list to make sure that you’ve added a kitchen window bar, because they’re changing the game. No matter what size your backyard is, and even if the only thing behind your house is a small patio or deck, this should still be on that list. Trust us, home entertainment for your family and friends will never be the same.

Rustic Meets Farmhouse In This Kitchen Window Bar

There really is no category for this style, at least we don’t think so. There is both a brilliance and a common sense to this idea of combining your outdoor space with your kitchen. The deck or backyard is an entertaining and family space, a play space, a wedding space, a gathering space. Bringing your food through a patio door can be a pain. Going inside to fix drinks and get snacks, separated from your guests and cut off from conversations… not anyone’s ideal. The paneled window with the porch overhang above, and the industrial and rustic stools below, all surrounded by shingled siding, really turns this kitchen window bar into an icon of the ideal entertainment space.

kitchen window bar


The Garage Door

There are some garage doors with a similar way of opening and closing, yet none can compare to the beauty of this window bar. Not only is this style of window creating an awning for guests to shield them from rain, it also moves the window out of the way. Because the window opens upwards instead of off to the side, you are unlikely to bump or run into it, and no view is obstructed.

kitchen window bar


The Fold

The fold is the most popular choice in kitchen window bars for many reasons. It has a clean look that is still somewhat unique. You don’t need to be outside to close it like you do with other windows. Once pushed off to the side, it is out of the way of your guests and doesn’t obstruct any views. There is a lot to love about folding windows, and homeowners are recognizing this in increasing numbers. The best part about them, is that there are many styles with that same concept. In the rest of the photos you’ll notice that they are also folding windows, but that the style and size of the panes are different. Just as the decor and seating surrounding the windows are different.

kitchen window bar


Wall Of Windows

As mentioned, this kitchen window bar uses a folding window as well. You’ll notice, though, that that windows are taller and the panes wider. They don’t collapse on the side in the same out-of-the-way fashion that the previous window does. Although, you do have a much larger opening into the kitchen. It’s almost like having an entire wall of windows.

kitchen window bar

Beach Bar

Because of the way this kitchen extends into the backyard, and the window bar takes up most of the wall, it is reminiscent of a beach bar. Therefore making the rest of the yard carry the same theme. Adding tropical plants even furthers that theme. The style of this kitchen window bar allows for an easy-breezy flow from the kitchen to the outdoors and vice-versa.

kitchen window bar


By now you’re realizing that there are many styles you can choose for your window bar. Not only the style of the window, but also the height, width, way of opening and closing, and of course the theme that you want to portray. When you are choosing a kitchen window such as one for a bar, you should also consider the theme you want to portray. Do you want a beach or island theme, a mountain home feel, a more rustic or farmhouse look? These are all decisions that you need to make before you buy, and even before your renovation is started.

There’s a lot to love about a kitchen window bar, and no matter what design you choose, it will change the way you entertain forever.

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