Stepping Away From Cookie Cutter To Create A Unique Kitchen Is Easier Than You Might Think.

We live in a world with a lot of options, and as time goes on it only seems that we are gaining more. For many generations there weren’t so many products, colors, materials, and designs to choose from. That meant that most people had similar kitchens, especially in the 50s and 60s when suburbs were really expanded and most of the homes were cookie-cutter, and identical. Our present allows creative mobility and freedom to transform a room into anything you please. Now, more than ever, we can use an array of materials, colors, and textures, to create a truly unique kitchen that will set your home apart from the rest.

If, like many, you choose to stray from a bland and dully updated kitchen, take a look at some of the inspiration below. These unique kitchens show us that we can use almost anything to transform a room into a beautiful space.


One way to create a unique kitchen is to use antiques, like the light hanging from the ceiling and the cabinets and shelves on the wall. They almost look like they came out of a science lab. The glass door that leads out to a small balcony adds just the right touch of romance to this space, pulling in light to the room and making it all feel larger. The important thing to take away from this kitchen is that you can use older cabinets, and even salvaged shelves. It isn’t something most people think of when they are renovating their kitchen, but it can make for a really beautiful and unique kitchen.

unique kitchen

Shoot For A Style

Another way to achieve a unique kitchen is to try for a specific design style such as Tuscan, Mediterranean, Farmhouse, etc. Notice the beams, the arches over the windows, the tiles, and the unique lighting. All of this ties together for the specific theme. Keeping a style or theme in mind will give you direction and push you to make design decisions that will best fit what you are trying to achieve.

unique kitchen

Mixed Messages

In contradiction to the previous kitchen, this unique kitchen has taken on a mixed message, and an eclectic sort of feel. Notice that the style of sink speaks to a more farmhouse or old world kitchen style, and the hutch with porcelain and hand painted antique dishes shares that message. But the open shelves with books, the lighting choices, and the art hanging on the wall sends a different message. It’s almost like a modern take on the country kitchen, and it is grand.

unique kitchen


In this kitchen you’ll notice that the things that make this kitchen unique, aren’t that complicated or all that difficult to implement into your own home. Here it is really just the lighting, the hanging pots and pans, the ladder attached to a shelf holding various liquors that surround the room. It doesn’t make this kitchen wildly different, but it does set it apart.

unique kitchen

Tame Not Lame

Not everyone likes wild design. You can have a simple, and somewhat “normal’ kitchen without compromising on the idea of having something unique. The use of reclaimed wood and interesting lighting really makes a difference in this space, and it is something that can easily be implemented in your home as well.

unique kitchen

You don’t need to make dramatic changes to your kitchen to have something unique. It’s really about adding a personality, having a sense of direction with the design and decor, and choosing things that might be out of the comfort zone. Try to be creative, and think about your space as a place for expression, and a chance to show your personality. If you think of that with every step of your design, then you’ll end up with a truly unique kitchen.

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unique kitchen

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