Minimalist bathrooms use less to give you more.

Minimalism sometimes has the stigma of being empty, plain, or boring, or it is automatically associated with more modern designs. But there is a lot more to minimalist bathrooms than simple emptiness. Sure, rooms that take on minimalist ideals tend to look more clean-lined, but if that’s all you’re seeing, then someone isn’t executing the design correctly.

Minimalist bathrooms pare down on certain design elements, taking a space down to its essentials, and uses elegant lighting to highlight and accentuate the space. It focuses on the lines and planes in the room and creates a focus on the space in its entirety rather than drawing the eyes to one area over another. Creating space in which you are unable to remove anything to improve the design is the goal. Everything that is needed is already there giving you more, with less. Take a look at a few of the minimalist bathrooms below for inspiration.


The Color White

White is notorious for making a space seem brighter and larger, that’s why a lot of homeowners tend to stick to it in notoriously small spaces like bathrooms. Sticking to white with large windows that let in a lot of natural light can do a lot for a space. Notice that there are only a few pops of color in the bathroom below. Plants, a singular photo, a chair and some black cloth. All of which stand stark against their white backdrop. Basically these small details are part of the overall design. Taking any one thing away would completely alter the entire look of the room. Therefore, it is simple and balanced and there is nothing more you can do to enhance it.

Minimalist Bathrooms Prove That Less Is More

Create Zen

Again, using white walls and a big window that illuminates the space creates a very zen-like minimalism. Using a very neutral pallet with only one color, like green, that stands out is a great way create a bathroom that feels welcoming while still giving you that iconic uncluttered feel you get from minimalism.

Minimalist Bathrooms Prove That Less Is More

Small Details

Small details like circular black tiles and wainscoting can add interest to a minimalist space. It allows you to keep solid colors while spicing it up a bit. Modern shelving with those bohemian baskets collide modern and bohemian together. The circular mirror and the industrial desk lamp on the wall create a more eclectic look. It’s rare to find a minimalist bathroom that can mix so many styles and still be considered minimalist. This is a great example of retaining personality with minimalist design.

Minimalist Bathrooms Prove That Less Is More

A Good Mixture

Mixing patterns like the rectangular wall tiles and the circular floor tiles adds eye catching details to this minimalist space. They mixed industrial lighting and faucets with antique drawers that were hung in a modern fashion. The seafoam sponge on exposed towels add relaxation. All of these things combine to present a very unique minimalist design that almost any homeowner would welcome. Getting creative with minimalism means solid colors, but different shapes. It pulls from other facets of design and combines them to form one overall image.

Minimalist Bathrooms Prove That Less Is More


Black & White & Wood

This bathroom combines industrial design with that of minimalism. It’s a great mixture of tiles and paneled windows and concrete vanities held up by piping. Keeping with the white room tradition with lots of light flowing in, but it is uncluttered, leaving only the necessities behind. The wood floor and the green flowers add color and warmth to the room. Altogether the space feels clean, but still comfortable.

minimalist bathrooms

Minimalism is more of a concept than a design. A concept based on the idea of wide spaces with a lot of natural light. A room relying solely on it’s essentials to create the entirety of the design. It almost forces you to neglect clutter due to its intrinsic nature of paring down. It is because of this fact that most homeowners should opt for a more minimalist design. Because, clutter is a hugely stressful problem, and where a lot of clutter occurs is in the bathroom. What these examples show, is that you can still add your personality and style to a space, while still maintaining the integrity and simplicity of the design.

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