Why A Modern White Kitchen Will Always Remain Timeless and Popular…

While the trend is to install or paint cabinets in vibrant or soothing colors, shades of blue being the most popular, along with grey and different shades of green also becoming trend. A beautiful one at that. However, you should really consider a modern white kitchen, like you see on FixerUpper or Flip or Flop shows you see on HGTV.

It is true that color in the kitchen is wanted and welcome. It adds a personality and life to the space. But, there is something so inherently timeless about white kitchens.

A white kitchen will stand the test of time for many reasons. Some of which you can guess right off the bat. There are probably a few, though, that you wouldn’t consider as reasons why time after time a white kitchen is preferred. Why again and again home buyers and owners see the white kitchen as a plus in their home search. Why year after year, the white kitchen reigns supreme.

Clean & Bright: Modern White Kitchen

Not everyone has the luxury of a large kitchen. Modern white kitchens tend to brighten and open the space, making it appear larger. It is because of this that the space will also be more inviting and even warm. Humans have a tendency to want clean lines, a tidy look, a polished finish. The cleanly look of a white kitchen provides all that.

Modern White Kitchen

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White Kitchens Can Increases Property Value

Real Estate Agents will tell you that a modern white kitchen is a major selling point, largely because few can argue with it. How many times have you walked into a dreadfully colored kitchen? A bright red, not done well. Or maybe aging wallpaper. If you watch any home renovation shows you’ll see it again and again. White kitchens are a neutral option that are sure to please almost everyone when they enter the space. It may look plain to them, but home buyers will be more willing to settle into an easily changeable space over one with lots of color that they’ll feel they need to change immediately. It’s not a color that will overwhelm anyone, but it certainly can wow them when done well.

Modern White Kitchen

White Goes With Everything

Modern white kitchen countertops… maybe you’ve chosen marble. White cabinets. White dishes. White tiles…

It may seem “white-washed” which it can feel like without the proper accents. The good news is that white goes with everything. Stainless steel, marble, and wood all look exceptional when paired with white. So it’s understood why they are so often used in white kitchens to break up the space a bit. But don’t be afraid to also add other accents like plants and flowers, books, a rug, unique tiling or wood floors. The white background acts as an untouched frame, a perfect stage for whatever accents you add.

modern white kitchen

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Neutrality= Longevity For Any Modern White Kitchen 

Because white is such a neutral color, you will feel less tempted to change it, and less likely to as well. It will probably stay white for the duration of the home’s life. If the space had paint or wallpaper you may get sick of that color after a while and feel the need to change it. Or the next homeowner will. White doesn’t follow trends. It will always stay neutral. Hence, why it stands the test of time.

Modern White Kitchen

White Kitchen Are Simply Beautiful

I mean, can you really argue with that?  Modern White Kitchens that are fine tuned and well designed are simply beautiful!

Modern white kitchen

You can still add color to any modern white kitchen, and in fact we encourage it. Marble counter tops are a great way to break up the space and add a bit of interest. Their elegant fine lines of grey often give a kitchen an even more refined appearance. Anyone can appreciate that. We do love those incredible green, blue, grey, and black kitchen cabinets that add such amazing character to a kitchen. But if you’re looking for a classic that will appeal to everyone’s taste, then a white kitchen may be exactly what you are looking for.

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