In this blog, we will be looking at quartzite in depth. What is quartzite? Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that naturally occurs within the earth. It is created by sandstone when it is exposed to extreme heat and pressure. Quartzite is harder than granite and is very durable when it comes to normal wear and tear like scratches, chips, and more. If you have read our other blogs on granite and marble, we have dove into the world of these stones and the different stones we offer here at Granite Liquidators. We talk about how they would pair well in different homes with different styles. Now, we are going to touch on a select few of our quartzite stones we have and love!

Blue Cocada

This stone is extremely unique in the sense it looks as if you are looking at a mountain of stone from a side view. With big chunks of crystallization and striates of different colors, this stone would pair well with a home in need of some out of the ordinary style. Pricing at $2,499, this stone is among the pricier stones, but it is more than worth it with the durability and style it offers. You could pair this stone with a light or dark cabinetry and it would look phenomenal.

Calacatta Quartz

This stone can easily be mistaken for marble because of its simple and chic appearance. This quartzite is a pure white stone with squiggles of blacks and greys all throughout the stone. This stone is priced in the middle, coming in at $1,999. If you are seeking an option that looks like marble, but with the durability of quartzite- this is a good option for you to consider. While still being simple and chic, this stone has a personality that is unmatched.


This stone is the definition of beauty. This stone is so unique and full of characteristics that make this stone stand out from all the others. This stone would look great paired with dark cabinets, such as dark brown or black. With hints of greens, gold, crème, grey, black and brown- this stone is so versatile that it will pair well with just about any style.

Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue looks as if it was cut directly from a mountain with the layering and coloration of natural rock. This stone appears as a grey dusty color with simulated cracks across the slab, creating a unique appearance that would add a great accent to any home. This quartzite is priced at $3,499 and is worth all the money spent.

Stardust White

This slab of quartzite is the perfect option for anyone wanting a very simple and plain slab, but still has a touch of its own characteristics that makes them stand out from the others. This stone has a very light touch of scribbling in tan color on top of a slightly lighter tan background color. One thing that makes this stone stand out from the rest of the plain colored stones, is that it has a tint of pink that shows up in the stone in different places. It gives it a sense of color, while still being toned down a lot compared to most stones.

Grand Canyon

This stone suits its name very much with a canyon like mural across the stone. It has a light tan on the background and swipes of dark brown mimicking the look of a canyon across the entire slab. This stone would pair well with a dark cabinet design as a lighter accent to brighten up a room pricing at $2,499.

These quartzite stones are just a few of the different slabs we offer here at Granite Liquidators. We try and stock a variety of colors, patterns, movements, and types of stones to allow you to find exactly what you’re looking for and imagining for your home. We offer various price levels, which makes budgeting easier while still being able to meet your design wants and needs. If these stones aren’t for you and you are wanting more options, go check out our other blogs “Granite in Depth-Light Stones, Granite in Depth-Dark Stones, and Marble in Depth”. Once you’re done, come visit us and we can start your home remodel today!