Did you know that 99% of natural stone countertop store and suppliers conduct their business in the same way?

We are the 1%.

We’ve noticed that in the natural stone countertop industry that business models are the same for most suppliers and fabricators. There are some complications with these models, which is why we are doing things much differently and steering away from the norm.

In today’s article we’ll go over 4 different things about countertop stores that you should absolutely know.


1) Double Mark Ups

At other countertop stores, when asked about the price of a slab you’ll most likely hear this: “that price will be determined by your fabricator”.

Doesn’t that seem a bit odd? You’re trying to purchase a product, yet the price of said product is withheld and determined by a 3rd party. Right off the bat, other countertop stores are creating a barrier of potential distrust.

The reasoning behind this is so that a fabricator can mark up the material even after the countertop store has marked it up. This results in a double mark up, costing you more money out of pocket and suppliers and fabricators making as much money off your project as possible.

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2) Granite Liquidators Is Transparent About Pricing

Yes it’s true! What sets us apart from other countertop stores in the area, is that we’ll give you the price on any of our slabs. We’re so open and transparent about our pricing that we even go to list it on our website. Check out our natural stone countertop inventory!

This is one of the ways in which we’re different and for the reasons listed in the first section, it’s why we’re doing it differently. You should never be kept in the dark about pricing, especially when dealing with home remodel projects. Sticking to budgets is a key aspect when renovating homes, so by countertop stores not revealing pricing their only making your project more difficult to complete.

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3) You’ll keep the materials you buy from Granite Liquidators

Another factor to keep in mind is that most fabricators will end up keeping any leftover granite, marble or quartzite remnants after your project is complete. At Granite Liquidators, since you’re buying full slabs, the entire material will belong to you.

In a sense, at countertop stores where fabricators determine pricing and get to keep those materials after the project – you’ll be paying more for less. As an example, at Granite Liquidators you know that if you pay $600 for a slab, you’ll be getting $600 worth of natural stone.

So even if you don’t use $200 worth of that stone, you’ll still have that left over portion to do so what you wish. That means you can install it for another project around the house or sell it on Craigslist. Whereas in the competitor’s scenario you’d be paying $600 for only $400 worth of natural stone installed and the other $200 you spent goes into the fabricator’s pocket.

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4) Other countertop stores generally aren’t wholesalers/quarry direct

And the final factor we’ll cover that most people don’t know when it comes to countertop stores, is that most competitors in the area are not true wholesale or quarry direct. Granite Liquidators is!

The benefit of wholesale is touched on in the previous section: you’ll be getting all your money’s worth. If you’re paying $600 you’re getting $600 worth of stone. But the other factor we still need to touch on, is that we’re quarry direct.

By directly importing our natural stone countertops from all over the world and selling them directly to the public right at our warehouse in Denver, we’ve cut out all the unnecessary middle men. Less stops from the quarry to your home means less money out of your pocket!

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