absolute black granite countertops kitchen

The past blog articles we’ve written have taken closer looks into customer projects.

We’ve seen classic styles with the Terra Bianca project and we’ve also seen a more regal design with Supreme White Marble.

These blogs can be incredibly helpful in that they provide homeowners some examples of what the slab will look like when it’s installed.

We’ve heard so many times that customers love to see granite slabs in person to really see what the slab looks like, so having pictures of what the slab looks like installed will only benefit your decision making process. Plus, you can draw on these customer projects as source of inspiration when designing your own project.

So in this week’s article we’ll go over this customer’s install of Absolute Black granite countertops.


The Project

Like most granite projects, this customer utilized their slab for a kitchen countertop upgrade. The project also included a stainless steel sink, which matches perfectly atop black countertops.

absolute black granite countertops kitchen

The project itself holds a traditional design, yet retains a more modern feel. As we’ve discussed in previous articles, when you utilize contrasting color schemes such as this one, you can achieve a wonderfully, sleek and elegant theme that many homeowners strive to achieve.

And with the addition of the grey-white floor tiles, this project excels in creating a modern theme.


The Fabrication

For this project, the customer used a standard and classic edging for their countertops.

While that may be a more standard or “in-the-box” approach to countertops, when used in a modern design the hard edges is actually preferred! Plus, this customer used a rounded corner approach giving it a more unique twist to a traditional design.

absolute black granite countertops kitchen

Overall, this customer’s project turned out amazingly well and pulls off a modern design perfectly.


Concluding Thoughts

So take a look at this customer’s kitchen to draw inspiration for your own project! Whether you want a classic design or a modern one, there are features that you could effectively integrate into your own to make a beautiful kitchen, bathroom or any other type of project your heart is set on.

Did you have a recent project that you’re proud of? Send us in your pictures to mailto:[email protected] to be featured in an article, just like this one!