terra bianca quartzite granite liquidators

For those seeking a more traditional style for their home and countertops, this customer’s project is a shining example of how to do so.

Melissa’s kitchen remodel consists of a traditional layout with a classic color scheme that any homeowner would love to see in their home. So for this week’s article we’ll take a look at just how Melissa was able to achieve this.

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The Project

terra bianca quartzite granite liquidators

After browsing our granite, marble and quartzite selections, Melissa ended up choosing one of our beautiful slabs of Terra Bianca Quartzite for her countertops.

Atop her mahogany cabinets and black appliances, Terra Bianca provides a great contrast – something essential in creating aesthetically pleasing countertops. If Melissa choose a darker or lighter cabinet color, the project’s theme could’ve been easily changed from traditional, to modern or contemporary.

terra bianca quartzite granite liquidators

The Fabrication

terra bianca quartzite granite liquidators

A quick turnaround time for the installation of stone countertops is always something our customers are worried about.

And in almost every single case – especially for Melissa – getting your stone fabricated and installed can be done within a week!

Rocky Mountain Stone was able to accommodate her needs without issue, providing excellent cuts, a smooth finish and beautiful corner edging.

terra bianca quartzite granite liquidators


So take a look at this customer’s kitchen to draw inspiration for your own project! Whether you want a classic design or a modern one, there are features that you could effectively integrate into your own to make a beautiful kitchen, bathroom or any other type of project your heart is set on.

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