The time has come for another customer project feature!

In this week’s blog we’ll be talking about one of our customer’s recent home remodel using a very exotic and vibrant slab: Sedna Magma.

This energetic granite countertop will give any home a shocking breathe of life as the bright orange and yellow colors contrasted with black waves creates an illusion of flowing magma.

This beautiful and highly vivacious slab worked wonders for Mark’s home, so let’s dive in and explore his kitchen remodel:

sedna magma granite countertops

Sedna Magma Island Countertop

One of the traditional go-to design choices among homeowners is the creation of a granite countertop island – that stands alone, away from the other countertops.

This customer did an excellent job with their island, as the Sedna Magma stands out as the focal point for the room. Plus, the contrasting colors seen in the countertop and cabinets really brings out the brightness within the slab.

sedna magma granite countertops


Tile Backsplash

This was another great addition that this customer did for their project. The backsplash utilizes a contrasting color scheme with colors ranging from white, to grey and also black. The result? A completely uniform and consistent theme of contrast from the ground up.

sedna magma granite countertops

Sedna Magma Computer Desk / Workspace

One thing we always stand by here at Granite Liquidators, is that buying a full slab is very beneficial. Similar to our past customers’ project using Supreme White, having more granite at your disposal gives way for more creative designs.

For this project, Mark was able to take their extra material and use it for an awesome desk/workspace area and the finished result is beautiful!

sedna magma granite countertops

Plus, by further incorporating Sedna Magma in his home, the design and décor remains consistent – which is crucial for achieving a great project.


Appliances and Features

When we mentioned earlier that this project’s contrasting theme was from the ground up, we meant it. Even the stainless steel and black appliances create the sense of contrast – which is a defining feature among modern home projects.

sedna magma granite countertops

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